gbIDA International Dog Association e.V. stands for a healthy, transparent and controlled breeding of pedigree dogs that spans all over the world. As a non-profit organization, we do not take into consideration false breeding goals or monetary interests of alleged "breeders".

IDA International Dog Association e.V. is a trademark protected and approved by the European Union EUIPO. The non-profit status of the organization was confirmed by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Our member associations and breeders work worldwide, transparently, as an alternative to breeding associations, which violate any canine responsibility for a healthy dog breeding with closed stud books. (You can learn more about the aims of the association)

The IHV Internationaler Hunde Verband looks back on a history up to the year 1973. In the founding phase of the IHV, the predecessors of the IHV Internationaler Hunde Verband were active in Germany as well as in Austria. Already in the founding years the work of the association was focused on an international cooperation of dog friends.

In the year 2007 the transformation of the association into an internationally recognized dog federation took place. The registration took place as a registered federation in the register of associations Meissen/Saxony/Germany. Currently the association seat of the IHV Internationaler Hunde Verband e.V. is registered in the register of associations of the district court Dresden, Saxony, Germany.

Due to the constant growth of the breeders in international countries, a new level of international cooperation became necessary. Meanwhile, the IHV Association sent cynological judges to Denmark, China, Norway, Kuwait, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Italy, Lithuania, Austria, Latvia, Bulgaria, Spain etc. The IHV Verband appointed international judges from France, Australia, Italy, Poland, Spain, Norway, Austria etc. at its CACIB Worlddogshow in Leipzig.

The board of the IHV founded for the international cooperation of dog friends, dog breeders and associations the English-speaking European variant of the IHV. The IDA International Dog Association e.V. is the English-speaking version of the IHV and is responsible for the international cooperation of dog breeders, dog clubs and dog associations.

We are looking forward to all international breeding and dog sports clubs, breeders and dog friends who accept the regulations of the IDA.

The deposit of the genetic DNA of breeding animals, the observance of animal protection laws, OCEP supervised dog training, internationally valid show guidelines and breed standards guarantee the members of the IDA and can prove them accordingly.