gbIDA International Dog Association e.V. administers, coordinates and supervises the dog associations, dog breeders and dog sportsmen from the European, Asian, American and African countries, which are or want to become members of the worldwide active canine association IDA International Dog Association e.V..

We look forward to new applications for membership from dog clubs in the above regions. The admission of new member clubs will take place in close coordination with the respective national representatives of the IDA International Dog Association e.V..

If the Central Office of the IDA International Dog Association e.V. has not yet appointed its own national representations in the countries concerned, suitable associations can apply for the national representation at the Central Office of the IDA.

The admission of all member associations is free of charge!

We offer international exhibition protection for CACIB dog shows of our member clubs and a comprehensive range of services for internationally recognized dog breeders who orient themselves towards healthy dog breeding.

The national representatives of the IDA International Dog Association e.V. are the link between the national associations of the IDA e.V., the dog clubs and the Central Office of the IDA e.V.

We take over the coordination of the breeding programs. We control the enforcement of the breed regulations and the health monitoring as well as the genetic recognition of breeding animals.

The member associations of the IDA e.V. are provided with globally recognised quality seals which can be used free of charge. Use is subject to the IDA e.V. Terms of Use.

Clubs and international breeders can be certified according to OCEP. We are responsible for the uniform recording and presentation of IDA's international pedigrees worldwide. The IDA e.V. cooperates closely with national, state and public authorities, the European Union and other worldwide active organisations in order to promote a central registration of breed and breeding dogs.

The application for international kennel protection for dog breeders within the IDA e.V. is made via the responsible national associations.

Dog schools, sniffer dogs, international breeding judges of the IDA e.V., the nationally responsible associations are trained and certified by the central, OCEP-certified training program.

The international CACIB exhibitions of the national member federations listed in the agenda of IDA International Dog Association e.V. have received international protection/approval from the Central Office of IDA e.V..

The national associations are responsible for admitting new member associations to the wider IDA International Dog Association e.V. community. We cooperate with the technical commission for the veterinary and scientific recognition of breeds and the veterinary commission of the IDA e.V. Central Office and the International Breed Standard Committee of the IDA e.V.

The national representatives of the IDA will represent the national dog associations in their area of responsibility vis-à-vis the International Dog Training and Sport Commission, the International Dog Judges and the International Dog Health/Veterinary Commission at the headquarters of the IDA International Dog Association e.V..

We support the national member clubs in many areas. Individual wishes of new dog clubs are welcome.

We are also looking for committed dog lovers who take on honorary activities in the district and state offices of the IDA.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.