With the foundation of the IDA International Dog Association e.V. an international association for ALL EHRLICHEN HUNDEFREUNDE should be created. An association in which neither the membership of breeders, the pedigree nor the social status of the dog owner play a role.

In breeding, the breed affiliation of the dogs to the sections/breeds approved by the IDA International Dog Association e.V. is taken into account. The IDA International Dog Association e.V. reserves the right to change and supplement existing, traditional breed regulations (e.g. the FCI) if these serve the health of the dogs.

The IDA International Dog Association e.V. supports international breeding projects for the re-breeding to certain breeds of origin. Decisions are made by the International Breeding Commission of the IDA.

So-called designer dogs or false colour variations of existing dog breeds, which only serve to make a profit, are not recognised by the IDA International Dog Association e.V..

The foundation of the federation became necessary, because in the dog breeding and in the show business already starting from 1970 negative tendencies for the breeding of only beauty-oriented, fast saleable dogs showed up. A part of the dog breeders at that time was tempted to follow wrong ideals of beauty and thus accepted knowingly or unknowingly dangerous clinical pictures for the dogs. 

For the return to a health-conscious exhibition system and health-oriented breeding, the foundation of a strong counterpole was logical.

A very important thought, unfortunately neglected by many associations, for the foundation of the association, was the idea of a uniform education, training, training of our dog owners to achieve a uniform educational level of our dog friends. We already knew with the establishment of the federation that this task will occupy us many, many years. Nevertheless, we quickly recognized the importance of this task and established it as an important goal for our association.

The founding members of the association simply wanted to be there for our four-legged friends.  The understanding of authorities and dog enemies for our four-legged friends promote.

The IDA International Dog Association e.V. as an international dog association wants to oppose negative press reports or dog-hostile law drafts (national and international) and bundle the national interests and associations, all the more as an international association a solid, concentrated educational work. The IDA International Dog Association e.V. can act as a collective force of individual dog associations vis-à-vis authorities / state offices.

The current tasks of the association, which partly also belong to the founding idea of the association, can be found on the corresponding page of our homepage.